American Radon

American radon provides full radon mitigation and testing services

There is no way to know your Radon levels without testing. Fortunately there are simple and cost effective tests which can be done.

We recommend testing the radon levels of any home you are planning to purchase. Many home inspectors offer this service as an add on option to there home inspection. If your inspector does not offer this service please ask your realtor, contact us, or visit WWW.RADONGAS.ORG for a tester in your area. 

If you are a home owner who is interested in testing your own home you have several good options.
Contact us to discuss these options.

We can provide you with a test, or recommend a good testing company in your area.

Many Hardware stores will carry home testing kits for Radon Gas, these kikts are from EPA certified labs and will typically cost anywhere from the $25-40.00 range once the kit is purchased and lab fees are paid.

Many county health offices sell home test kits as well, these typically run $10.00 and include the lab fee.

If you prefer to purchase online the site offers low cost test kits to Michigan residents.

Please contact us if you ave any questions regarding testing or mitigation options.
Call or email today to find out how we can create a custom radon system for your home.